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Couple songs uploaded in the last few days. Beatrice, Night Dreamer, & Solar. Special thanks to Jonathan Pinson and Jack Pombriant.

And some more special thanks to anyone that was willing to help me out. Even if it didn't end up being, I appreciate you even considering to lend your talent. And to everyone that gave advice or feedback, it's much appreciated.

The Billie's Bounce solo is from the beginning of April, while Blues' Theme is from a few days before that. That night in April was crazy. Truly a great moment in jazz history. Hahahaha.

Room for improvement. The room is daunting, but it's only going to be useful if I'm willing to fill the space. Labels:

9AM in Dallas Freestyle (0)

Glad to see you again, Drake. It's been a while. Hopefully I'll be seeing you again on June 15th.

People say 'that old Drake... We started to miss it'
But they need to be a little more specific
Man, is this what y'all want?

Yup. Labels:

Just Begun (0)

I heard this earlier today and bugged out. It's amazing.

From the intro you know I'm so influential, 'cause I'm glowin' like a candle
The focus is so essential, dawg, what you tryna get into?
I steady the flow, ready to blow like snotty tissue
They snitchin' like Donnie Brisco and countin' like Monte Cristo
The ghetto full of betrayal like Iago and Othello
Your fellow neighbor will slay you, they'll smoke you like cigarellos
Police, want that info, they'll grill 'em like portabellos
I'm murderin' instrumentals cause I rap with the conscience
Of felons, killers, and monsters, so revealing and honest
We're still feelin' the promise, some nights I kill 'em with kindness
Hittin' like Muhammad Ali, you more like Tatyana
All this is probably karma: You dishonored the father
Whether it's God Almighty, or the almighty dollar
We follow the prophets like Islamics or the Dalai Lama
Your bullet points so hollow they could probably pierce body armor
Look in the scope, my people still a target

Smile on my face, tears of a sad clown
Feelin' out of place as I whistle a cab down
If I tip extra, can I huff a cig?
Blow my smoke out the window, droppin' ashes on the bridge?
I'm in New York now, like Akeem and Semi was
Tryna get the lobby door open from a semi buzz
I just wanna go to the slum
And throw my money on the floor like the Notorious B.U.M.
Build a home, teach a class, start a revolution
Free the mind, heal the body, talkin' evolution
This that black Elohim Anunnaki rap
That Farrakhan Akeem Olajuwon Qaddafi rap
I dedicate this to my niggas in New Orleans
Rockin' black and gold stocking caps and fleur-de-lis Shockey hats
I'm in the coatroom, screamin' 'Who Dat!' on the double
Servin' gumbo wit a shovel, dawg, I'm on another level
Me and Kweli come together like two pieces of metal
We magnetizin' the ghetto

Yeah, now here's the memo
I'm a rebel without a cause, a bezel without no flaws
And shawty, you straight, but you look way better without no drawers
Let's sweat out this alcohol, bet I'm about to ball
And never let up, look how I just crept up without applause
Fed up with all the frauds and left y'all without a job
The center of attention, this is clever, I'm Pau Gasol
Really though, I'm LeBron, really don't got my mind
On this new school of rappers, I will really go Columbine
And throw up the diamond sign, boy you know I'ma shine
Flow is in Ramadan
Cause couple years ago, the game had they pajamas on
But now they on my dick, man, I should throw a condom on
Ay, cause a nigga comin' raw like I ain't got one on
And I ain't stoppin' or coppin' no pleas, I just lock and load, squeeze
Dawg, I'm on a higher level, I'm on top of nosebleeds
Niggas say they sick, but when they write, they don't sneeze
Like the nigga on the block wavin' his Glock but wont squeeze

Hold your applause until the ceremony end
Yours truly, truly blessed, yet again a noble pla-anted
Super magic, Abracadabra Kid
Mysterious Master Jim, blacker pen, arrowhead
With the long-barrel stem, and his apparel fresh
Harbor lights shinin' out the black power grid
With the Black Power grip
And pure power don't power trip
Push the cellar ceiling up and make the tower tip
Your Gladwell point, and Babylon polish
All about nothin' where its all about the dollar
And mansions on the fort line of a shaky market
The devil at the dance hall, thirsty for a partner
Get off 'em
There is not a parcel or a portion
Or a measure of a fortune more awesome
The funky Four Horsemen and one more
With Hi-Tek on the score, once more, of course

You're welcome, thanks
Appreciation for your participation
Special dedication
Celebration, bitches Labels:

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The Ghost of Christopher Wallace (0)

The game ain't been the same since B.I.G. died

And Wu swarmed on New York from out that bee hive
Don't talk to me 'bout 'MCs got skill'
Don't talk to me 'bout who's the king of the hill
Don't talk to me 'bout who's the best alive
Or who's in your top 5, cause he's not ill
Real recognize real, stick to your deal
Try to make a cool mil off the sing-le
With that ringtone appeal, in 3 years you'll be nil
Nil by mouth, my appeal down south
Is like the Nation of Islam when Ali knocked Liston out
Universal change from what appeared is just about
All aboard, it's the last train, Soul Train
A bottle of Ciroc can change a private jet to Soul Plane
Put yo seats back, yo trays down and feet up
'Cause we about to heat up

From Baton Rouge to Jerusalem
Wack crews we bruisin' em
Crooked mouth, flat footed cops, man we losin' em
'Let me see some ID,' nigga fuck a ID!
You be gettin' head from crackheads in the lobby
Mr. Officer - please observe my skin tone
Please observe the prophecies of hurricanes and brimstone
The flow so Tolstoy, Theodore Tolstoy
Half oyster, half shrimp fully dressed po boy
Lyrically, I'm
One tough miracle
Competition's none I leave em dumb struck, critical
That's some luck, pitiful
Better luck next time
Young Black, and Restless
Hung, Black, and Reckless
My name's on every guest list
Bang on every set list
Went to London town, tore it down and threw my necklace
Even Twitter said that Jay Elect be on that next shit
I should be arrested... Labels:

Weak (0)

Gretchen Parlato - Voice
Kenneth T. Whalum III - Tenor Sax
Robert Glasper - Piano
Ben Williams - Bass
Chris Dave - Drums Labels:

Adjustments (0)

They may take a while. Labels:

Word (0)

Jealously is something I haven't felt for years. There's nobody around for me to jealous of.

There's nobody around for me to be jealous of because I'm proud of what my friends accomplish and achieve. And I just happen to have a ton of friends killin' friends. Labels:

Pistola (2)

Criminal-minded, gangster of love
Charms in your arms, your gun is wild warm
Worn, bang bang, shoot 'em up
Tips in your clip, click-clack, use 'em up
Bad intentions and a very good shot
X marks the spot where you cross the heart
Candlelight vigil on my memory block
Commemorate the date where the bomb got dropped

Love, steady war no more
Put your weapon away, quit collecting the slain
She said "You're right, I don't wanna fight...
I just like the fire and the flashing lights"

If you are to fall in love
Then where should you stand to begin with?
And when the falling is done
How bad should you plan to get injured?
And if you land on your feet
Does it count as a fall or a jump?
And does it feel like a fall
When the hands that pushed you were holding you up?

Close encounter, got you wide open
Heartache has got your boombox going
Music and vocals, lonely and soulful
You're back in the scene where your sweet dreams sold you Labels:

Well... (1)

I'm not saying I'm requesting anyone that's perfect. I just need a woman that will make the time worth it. Labels: